Full Day Classes

Full Day Classes

Our Full Day Classes offer you the chance to spend a day in the kitchen with our Head Chef, Stuart, where you will learn how to cook a range of delicious dishes from your chosen theme.

Your day begins in our dining room where you will have the chance to meet other guests in the class while enjoying a tea/coffee and a scone.

You will then move through to the kitchen where our chef will begin to demonstrate your chosen dishes. Each guest has their own individual state of the art cooking station where they recreate the dish our chef has demonstrated. Our chef will be on hand throughout the day to assist.

Once you’ve finished cooking in the afternoon you will have the chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a two-course lunch which you will have made along with a glass of wine. 


Our Full Day Classes run from 9:45 am to 3.00 pm and are priced at £100 per person or £150 for two. Please contact us on [email protected] for pricing of Group Bookings.

Please note: Due to licensing laws, our Full Day Classes are suitable for ages 18 and over.

Monthly classes at a glance…

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Asian Cuisine Day

At our Asian Day we will introduce you to authentic Asian spices and flavours as well as demonstrating how to make some classic Asian dishes. This class is ideal for anyone who has an interest in Asian cuisine.

Bread Day

This day is an introduction to bread making. You will be shown the basic principles of making fresh bread by hand and the versatility of dough.

Fish and Seafood Day

Throughout the day we will show you techniques for cooking wonderful fresh seafood. The chef will demonstrate the skills for filleting and cooking the fish along with some delicious new sauces.

Home Baking Day

Folding, whisking and sifting are some of the key skills needed for perfect baking. During our home baking day you will learn these skills and many more techniques to create wonderful tarts, cakes and delicious baked goodies. At the end of the day we will box up all of your treats and you can take them home to share with friends and family.

Indian Cuisine Day

Enjoy the tastes of India in our fabulous Indian Day Class! Our menu is packed full of spices and Indian favourites.

Meat & Poultry Day

In our Meat & Poultry cooking class you will learn about different cuts of meat and which cooking method is most appropriate.

Middle Eastern Cuisine Day

From Arabian style lentil soup and lamb shoulder to dips and flatbreads synonymous with the Middle East, this class explores a vast range of colourful foods from the region.

Pasta Day

Nothing beats the taste of freshly made pasta and on this full-day class, we unravel the art of pasta making and learn how to make pasta dough and produce delicious hand-made pasta using the traditional pasta machine.

Vegetarian Day

Learn all about how to make delicious vegetarian meals, perfect for those following a vegetarian diet or for those interested in reducing their meat consumption.

The Perfect Gift for any Food Lover

Vouchers are the perfect gift for any food lover! Available from £10 upwards they can be redeemed against all cookery classes, Kids Kitchen classes or spent in our shop.

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