Bread Day

From: £100.00

This day is an introduction to bread making. You will be shown the basic principles of making fresh bread by hand and the versatility of dough.



Our day classes are a mixture of demonstrations and hands on cooking/baking.

Menu for 23rd November:

  • Caramelised Red Onion Focaccia
  • Butter Croissants
  • Wholemeal Oat Topped Loaf
  • Garlic & Coriander Flat Bread

Lunch: Butter Chicken Curry with Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice

Class makes: Caramelized Red Onion Focaccia, Butter Croissants, Wholemeal Oat Topped Loaf and Garlic & Coriander Flat Bread

Chef Demonstrates: Butter Chicken Curry and Steamed Thai Jasmine Rice

Menu for 20th November:

  • Selection of flavoured dinner rolls
  • Pain au chocolat
  • Stilton and walnut soda bread
  • Garlic focaccia
  • Spaghetti carbonara

Lunch: Spaghetti carbonara with garlic focaccia

Class makes: Selection of flavoured dinner rolls, pain au chocolat, stilton and walnut bread, garlic focaccia

Chef Demonstrates: Dinner roll flavours and spaghetti carbonara



Our full day classes offer you the chance to spend a day in the kitchen with our expert chefs where you will learn how to cook a range of delicious dishes from your chosen theme.

Your day begins in our dining room where you will have the chance to meet the other guests in the class whilst enjoying tea/coffee and a fresh scone.

You will then move through to the kitchen where our chef will begin to demonstrate your chosen dishes. Each guest has their own individual state of the art cooking station where they recreate the dish our chef has demonstrated. Our chef will be on hand throughout the day to assist.

Once you’ve finished cooking in the afternoon you will have the chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a two course lunch which you will have made along with a glass of wine.

Timing: 9.45am and finish around 3pm.

* Please note that menus are subject to change due to availability and seasonality of foods. Day classes are suitable for people aged 18 years and over. To view our cancellation policy please click here.